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Welcome to "Behold Your God"

"Behold  Your  God"  is  essential  reading for those who are interested in God and what He is really like.

Here are the answers to the age old questions concerning the apparent differences between the portrayal of God in Jesus Christ in the New Testament as a God of absolute unconditional love, and the often catastrophic events of the old testament such as the Flood.

Along with the flood which brought destruction to millions, we have the wars of Israel which give a completely different picture of God to the one which Jesus gave while on the earth.

These wars have led many to turn with distain from God as a God not worthy of emulating. In addition to this we have seen prominent church organisations promoting wars, persecutions and violence which have destroyed not hundreds or thousands, but millions.

This has not been alone a characteristic of the Christian organisations, (but with the exception of but few peace-loving religious organisations promoting the brotherhood of mankind and a loving God), the pattern has generally been the same among the other major religious organisations. On one pretext or another most religious/political/national organisations or nations have sought domination or subjugation over their fellow man, at some time in their history. It wouldn’t be far off the mark to say that wrong concepts of God’s character coupled with a human desire for dominance has led to more human suffering than any other factor such as natural disasters, etc.

What then could be more uplifting, more enlightening, more delivering than a message "illuminating in its influence and saving in its power", coming at just the right time in the history of mankind. Prophets have predicted that such a message would be given. Isaiah, Jeremiah and John the beloved all point down time to this.

So what is so different about the message given in this book?

The difference is that this book outlines comprehensively how Jesus truly showed the Father’s love and how that same love was manifest in the old testament. It proves that God could not prevent the wars of Israel, nor could He prevent the flood. It shows clearly that the God of the old testament was just as much a God of love, kindness and patience as the God of the new. It shows that when God says, "I am the Lord that change not", He means every word. He is a God of love today, He was in the past and He always will be.

"Behold Your God", challenges our minds to see God as He truly is, and much more than that, to be transformed in character into the same image. To read this book and understand the great love of God has been a life-changing experience for many, and I hope and pray that it will be for you also.